Welcome! My name is Tammy Bronfen and I am an interior designer and color consultant.

It took me awhile to actually make a career out of what I love, and I passed a lot of stations on the way, but eventually, all of them led me back to design.

Born in South Africa, I was brought up in an artistic environment and always felt best when creating and doing things with my hands. I moved to Israel during my teenage years and now live here with my husband and two beautiful and sweet daughters. I spend my time juggling family and career and try to live life to its fullest and take chances wherever possible (in design as well).

In design, I strive for balance and harmony, and use materials and color to create spaces that directly reflect my customers’ personality and lifestyle. I believe that a space should flatter those who inhabit it, and design should be fun and fresh, and enhance functionality so that the end result is exceptional design that is both functional and gorgeous.

I love spending time with my family, creating, designing, travelling, reading, exploring and shopping. I find inspiration in pretty much anything and try to bring that inspiration into my life and those of others.